Galvanized Concrete Nail Manufacturers Hardened Standard Galvanized Concrete Nail

Product Name Steel Concrete Nails
Size BWG4-14
Length 1"~4"
Head Diameter 2-12mm
Shank Diameter 1.2-6mm
Shank Plain shank/grooved shank/spiral shank/angular spiral shank
Material 45# 60# carbon steel wire rod or according to request
Surfacement Black color, Electro Galvanized, Blue coated, Hot dipped galvanzied
Packing A. Net weight 20-25kgs/carton without inner boxes or poly bags B. 5kgs/inner box, 6 boxes/carton C. 3.125kgs/inner box, 8 boxes/carton D. 1kg/poly bag, 25bags/carton E. 500grams/poly bag, 50bags/carton F. 1kg/inner box, 25boxes/carton ---- As required
Mainly Production Steps: 1. Wire drawing: to produce nails with designed wire diameter 2. Cold upsetting: This process is mainly for nail caps and diamond point making 3. Polishing: This process is for polishing treatment of the nails all over.   We supplies concrete construction nails galvanized steel corrosion resisted or phosphated steel treated. This nail fastener is made of steel wire through wire drawing, cold upsetting and polishing processes. According to cap types, we supply flat round head concrete nails and countersunk head concrete nails. 1.) Bright - Nails have been rumbled (polished) after manufacture to give a shiny finish. For interior use only. Has no protective coating. 2.) Electroplated - Nails have been coated after manufacture with zinc via electroplating processes for corrosion protection using. Not recommended for exterior use. 3.) Galvanized - Have been coated after manufacture with zinc for corrosion protection. For exterior use or where moisture may occur.

USES: creation, building decorates, furniture making, decoration, decoration, box packaging, use of specialized mechanical tools

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