Construction Materials Framework Steel Keel for Wall for Ceiling

The furring system is a suspended steel framing gladdened with gypsum board sheets. The  furring system is mostly uses for areas that need to be smooth ceiling without joints and where services to be concealed. The system is easy ,fast and flexible for installation and suitable for any interior design.


Item Thickness(mm) Height(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
Stud 0.4-0.7 30,40,45,50 50,75,100 Customized
Track 0.3-0.7 25,35,50 50,75,100 Customized
Main Channel(DU) 0.5-1.2 10,12,15,25,27 38,50,60 Customized
Furring Channel(DC) 0.5-1.2 10,15,25,27 50,60 Customized
Edge Channel(DL) 0.45 30*28,30*20 20 Customized
Wall Angle 0.35,0.4 22,24 22,24 Customized
Omega 0.4 16,35*22 35,68 Customized
Light steel keel are made of galvanized steel sheet with good rust-proof function. It is widely used for PVC, gypsum board and other thin plates in interior non-load-bearing partition wall, veneering wall partition or suspended ceiling system. 1) high quality hot dipped zinc galvanized steel strip 2) Lightweight material, high construction efficiency 3) good impact resistance 4) durable, absolute damp proof , heat insulation and high rust resistance 5) easy and stable installation: unique joint design


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